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A technologically upgraded version of an agency.

Why do we exist?
(not a philosophical question)

Universe strives towards complexity. Rocks became plants, fish became humans... It cannot stop here though, everything must progress towards perfection. As a fellow part of it all, we believe in technological advancement - an evolution of making life more efficient. Creating a collaboration platform which strives to reform the music industry, we make life easier for artists and organizers.

But philosophically?

Life is meant to be fun. Everyone should be able to do what they love. We love creating success stories and together we can do what we love the most. Focus on expressing your artistic creativity and leave the hassle of getting exposure to us.

For artists

Musicians.Agency strives to funnel gig opportunities from venues to musicians as effectively as possible. For this, we inquire about the market needs from venue managers and push this information to the musicians on our platform – presenting gig opportunities regularly and in great quantities. Furthermore, we promote our artists on our social media so that they could receive requests from private organizers as well. To reap these benefits, start by creating a free account and become a Resident or President when you have a gig opportunity in your mailbox – it’s coming!

For venues

Our job is to stay in touch with venue managers from all the countries we have musicians joined from, and serve them their desired artists. For this, we seek out suitable venues that use live music and personally talk with their managers to figure out what sort of artists are they looking for – what type of artists do they use, what types of genres do they prefer, and what is their budget. We then proceed to use our Matchmaker functionality to funnel this information to our musicians, so they could present themselves to the venues if they so desire. By lessening the hassle of finding suitable artists, we are saving venue managers’ time and money!

Our Crew

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