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DASQ (born : 23 October 1989) on his real name Davidescu Andrei is an Electronic Music Artist and DJ from Romania, Râmnicu Vâlcea. Davidescu began music production in 2006 and one year later he started to mix as a DJ. From 2008 to present he performs into several local private parties and international electronic music events.
His unique style is techno, serious and energetic, old school combined with futuristic sounds. Many of his releases and live DJ mixes appeared in Top 100 on platforms like Beatport, Mixcloud and many other stores. In December 2018 he established his record label Marl Music and began to release young techno producers, most of them well known in the underground scene.
Background information
Also known as : DJ Davidescu, DJ DASQ, Davidescu Andrei
Genres : Techno
Years active : 2006-present
Occupation(s) : DJ, Record Label Producer, Sound Engineer
As an artist, DASQ has released many albums, singles and EPs, while also working as a producer and DJ.

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