El Harmony

El Harmony


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Electronic, House, Techno, Disco, Funk, House (tech), House (progressive), House (deep), Techno (minimal), Techno (hardtek)
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About me

El Harmony is a Latvian DJ who began his exploration of electronic music back in 2003. What was just a interest in music and events in the beginning, soon became a deep passion and way of life that has not changed since then.

As many years have passed he has gone from deep and soulfull house to trance, but in recent years he has found his true calling in TECHNO - from deep to melodic, wherever the night takes us.

El Harmony’s approach to DJ sets is never the same. For each and every event the sound of evening is inspired by the venue, people on the dance floor. The most valuable thing is the connection with crowd and emotions it creates! He never looks on release dates of tracks - next track can be a unreleased promo or 15 years old gem. It is all about the music, people and positive emotions!

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