Herno Lenneck - Guitarist and Singer

Herno Lenneck - Guitarist and Singer


Galicia, Spain
Main genre
Blues, Latin, Pop, Rock, Metal, Funk, Lounge, Rock (blues), Rock (classic), Rock (grunge), Rock (hard), Rock (indie), Rock (psychedelic), Rock (punk), Indie
Artist type
Vocalist, Instrumental, Host
Starting price (local currency)
About me

My name is Hernán from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking for new opportunities here.
I am a soloist guitar player and singer. I've played for cruise ships companies before and 5 stars hotels.
I worked for CMV in 2018/20. I made two contracts with them traveling around 40 countries in total.
I worked for MSC in 2017 too. Brazilian season and Mediterranean.
I played for Sofitel Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe in my country. A lot of shows along my country too.

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