Matteo Ferrando

Matteo Ferrando


Main genre
Blues, Country, Dance, Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, Drum and Bass, Funk, Gospel
Artist type
Price group
About me

Professional drummer based in the North of Italy.
I studied at CPM in Milan and I obtained a Diploma in Pop Music Performance at Tech Music School (Bimm) in London.
I played with a lot of bands in different genres such as pop, funk, r'n'b, soul, rock, swing among others.
I recorded several studio albums with Italian singer-songwriters.
I played with several local bands, function bands, musicals and touring artists.
I am used to play with a click track and backing tracks, I can read sheet music and I can sing backing vocals.
I speak Italian and English and I have no problems in travelling (I live in between two international airports, Nice in France and Genoa in Italy).

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