The Midnight Rebel Band

The Midnight Rebel Band

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United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, New Wave, Punk Rock, Soft Rock, Americana, Electric Blues
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The Midnight Rebel Band is a celebration of ROCK music through the decades. The Midnight Rebel Band take you through the golden ages of ROCK! Featuring the music of artists such as The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Bill Idol, Chuck Berry and many more.  
Rediscover the seeds of ROCK & ROLL in the 1950s, the birth of ROCK in the 60s, right through to the CLASSIC ROCK of the 70s and 80s and up to the excitement of guitar based music in the present day.
A must see for any fan of ROCK! Experience the iconic music shocked into life by an exceptional 4 piece band consisting of some of the finest musicians and performers from the UK


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