think twice
think twice

think twice


Main genre
Pop, Rock (indie), Rock (progressive)
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Price group
About me

Band think twice is a fresh indie-music act, which consists of two dudes from Viljandi. The bonding factor of the band is their common music taste, what therefore made a way to express themselves as a duo. Despite there’s only two of them, the band’s sound is rich, deep and very colourful. What can be heard consists of instrumental music, but as an addition has elements of electronical sounds. think twice is Ako Lehemets and Henri Roht.

Bänd think twice on indie-muusikat viljelev kaheliikmeline Viljandi kuttide poolt loodud värske koosseis. Liikmete ühine muusikamaitse oli see, mis neid kokku viis ja sellest arenes think twice. Olenemata sellest, et nad on kahekesi, on nende kõla mitmekesine, sügav ja kirju. Kuulda saab instrumentaalmuusikat, millele on lisatud elektroonilisi võnkeid. think twice on Ako Lehemets ja Henri Roht.

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