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How to Overcome The Fear of Stage

Performance anxiety is a common experience for musicians, actors, public speakers, and for all those that work in front of an audience. Performance anxiety can be so severe, that it can destroy an otherwise promising career.

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How to DJ at a Club

Now that you’ve got your first DJ gig through Musicians.Agency, other questions arise: how to play at a club? How to prepare for a club show? How to be, how to move, how to act?

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How to Find Musicians for Your Event in 2020

Hosting an event is not a simple task, especially when it comes to finding musicians near you. The search can get pretty overwhelming when there is no time to spear.

Get Gig Offers while Doing Nothing in 2020

It may seem like most of the successful artists don’t have to make any effort to get new gigs, right? It’s true. They have managers or agencies who handle their gigging schedule.

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Musicians Fail

The life of a musician seems easier than it actually is. You only see the positive side in the media – the big concerts with the cheering fans. However, all these successful artists have made mistakes and learned from them again and again.

It's your time to shine

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