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Get Featured in Lithuania as a DJ

It’s not always easy to stand out. Especially when you are an amateur DJ. Getting some gigs here and there is somewhat amazing at first, but when you’re an ambitious person, this definitely won’t satisfy you for long.

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Prepare for Post-Coronavirus as a Musician

Yes, we know… Corona outbreak and #stayathome might scare you away from even thinking about going gigging as a musician anywhere anytime soon. But… Times change and this, shall too, pass.

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How Technology is Taking Over the Music Industry

From vinyl to cassettes to CDs to mp3s to streaming, the music industry has seen some great waves of progress over time.

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Best Ways to Showcase Your Music in 2020

In today's world, being good always isn’t enough. Especially in the music industry. Your beats might be as technical as Tiesto’s or your riffs might compete with Jimi Hendrix but if you can’t showcase your skills, it doesn’t matter.

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I AM: In the place x Galcher Lustwerk

I AM are two of the most powerful words in the whole universe. It’s not about ego. It’s about who you believe you are.

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It's your time to shine

If you are seeking to progress in your music career then sign up and get ready to perform.