In today's world, being good always isn’t enough. Especially in the music industry. Your beats might be as technical as Tiesto’s or your riffs might compete with Jimi Hendrix but if you can’t showcase your skills, it doesn’t matter. Data religion is already here - if you don’t share your experience, it loses meaning. Same goes for music. This guide will give you some tips on how to keep up with the current trends of showcasing your music in 2020.

Active marketing = success

A big part of success is marketing and the more active you are with promoting yourself, the more results you’ll get. There are many social media channels but few are actually important. I will give you a step-by-step guide on how you should use some of the most essential channels trending right now.

1. Share your music on Soundcloud
The most popular music sharing platform is still Soundcloud. It’s possible to use it for free and for starters, it’s recommended to try out the free version first. It’s a great website for sharing data about your skills and style by uploading your tracks over there.

2. Share Soundcloud content on Instagram & Facebook
Getting traction only by using Soundcloud is not smart because people in Soundcloud are mostly musicians themselves. But you want to get your music out to everyone, right? This is where Instagram and Facebook come into play. Share your Soundcloud tracks on Instagram and Facebook to attract all kinds of people to listen to your music.

3. Use Fiverr services to gain organic traction on your social media channels
Having high traction creates credibility. This is why using Fiverr services can help you out. NB! Do not buy likes or views! Buy services like “I will promote your music to 2,500 college radio stations” or “I will play your song on radio new york live, promote your music” to get some legit visitors who could turn out to be your next fans.

4. Link your socials to profile profile-CV is ideal for linking all your social media channels at one place. Not only does it allow your fans to find all your content in one place but it also helps you score gigs. 

Algorithm for growth

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