What does it mean to be a DJ?

“EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT” – these are the words that describe the life of a DJ the best. Active lifestyle, wide social network, unique events, traveling – this is only the tip of the iceberg which other people see. Failures, misunderstandings, experiments, challenges and lots of work, in general, awaits any person with ambition to become a DJ. It’s not too different from other professions but it definitely gives out more pleasure. DJ’s office is its set in front of a crowd whose emotions he or she can control. If the DJ is positive and open with the crowd then every gig is like a good party.

Why should you consider a DJ school?

Many people say that not everyone is good enough to become a great DJ because it’s more than just pressing buttons and switching songs – it’s art. While it’s partly true, we can’t completely agree with it. Not everyone needs to be a professional. All you need is a passion to play music. There are gigs everywhere – bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, cruises, weddings, etc – and there are many ways to create the “right” vibe for the visitors. People at Device DJ School teach their students how to master deejaying skills and be loved at any gig.