Oh, snap! Who did we interview? Andy Cane, best known for the event series OU SNAP! and he is also a skilled disk jockey. The 25-year-old started to organize club events when he was just 17 and therefore he found out that he is quite good at it. His deejaying career started by a pure interest in the field – he learned it in his spare time.

Andy mentioned that his greatest breakthrough so far is the remix he made from the song Everybody by Backstreet Boys. Andy Cane’s mix is the most successful remix of the song and has over 2 million views on Youtube.

Andy’s recommendation for starting DJs is to listen more of what other artists are playing. Musical taste is sometimes more important than your skills. You need to know what people like, so it is easier for you to satisfy them. However, skill is still important and practice makes perfect. For example, when Andy Cane started, he joined a club called Ravecast – a place where all the practicing deejays meet up and learn to mix the next hits.

Andy has organized many events, but OU SNAP! is the most famous one. The series was initiated after living in Ireland for a year – maybe the Irish parties were inspiring? He wanted to arrange an event that is different from the others and is connected to social media. Snapchat takeover was just becoming a thing back then and he decided to give it a try and connect it with his new event – OU SNAP! was born.

The first parties took place in Club Prive and now they have upgraded to Club Hollywood. A record amount of people the party has reached is over 1000 which is HUGE for a club event in Tallinn. Consistency is the key for OU SNAP!’s success. The event series has been around for years now and Andy is sure that constant effort and work is how great brands are made.

The future is bright! Andy plans to develop his skills as a DJ and organizer so his future could be brighter than the club lights. Next year he wants to create a new brand and also level up with OU SNAP! – move into larger rooms and invite more foreign artists.

When we asked Andy what club is the best in the world, he told us "Real Madrid football club. He does not have a favorite nightclub yet. Therefore, we wanted to know what music would he listen in a getaway car while robbing a bank and the answer was Jauz & DJ Snake – Gassed Up.

The next OU SNAP! party is already TOMORROW – so get ready!!!