Ibiza is THE most popular destination for electronic dance music in the world. This Spanish island has a nightlife many DJs dream to take part in. From wild boat parties and after-hour club events to luxurious pool parties - the possibilities are endless!

Ibiza’s tourism is founded on its massive party scene. Every year, thousands of bars and clubs get visited by 7 million annual visitors from around the globe. 

This “Ibiza gig guide” will give you a brief introduction to how to get a DJ gig in Ibiza.

Yes! It’s completely possible to go gigging in Ibiza!

If you already have some decent experience performing at local venues, gigging in Ibiza can sound like a reasonable next step, right?

However, it is about timing. Plan your trip to Ibiza during the tourism season which is from the beginning of May until the end of October. During that period most clubs and bars are open and the demand for DJs is high.

When choosing venues to approach, consider the size of your fanbase. Next, I will talk about some of the methods which are proven to work for securing a gig.

If your credibility as a DJ is lacking, there is a smart way to still get some international gigs - it’s called the “no expenses” trick. Read more about it in my article “Get a Gig in Amsterdam as a DJ” HERE. Combine this trick with one of the following methods and your chances of DJing in Ibiza increase drastically.

Timeline for your trip to Ibiza

Method 1: Aim for bars & small clubs
This is definitely the easiest method to start with. It doesn't require you to be famous and combined with the “no expenses” trick, it can get you an amazing trip to Ibiza with stress-free gigs.

Bars are the easiest to secure gigs at. There are hundreds of bars during the season which are keen on having new DJs playing some music to attract more customers. Make sure to do your research on what music they prefer!

Small clubs may be interested in you as well. If you promise to put down a good show, you might have a good chance of landing the role of a warm-up or an after-hours artist.

Method 2: Whole season on the sea
If you are looking to stay in Ibiza for a long period of time, this might be for you. DJing on a boat party is usually for the DJs who are willing to play there for the whole summer.

The audience at the boat parties is usually young, so prepare to play commercial hits. It’s not for everyone.

Furthermore, this is a great chance of getting regular year on year gig offers later on. If you build a trusting relationship with the organizer, he/she will definitely be delighted to have you perform again in the future.

Method 3: Get friendly with hotels
Hotels have a need for DJs who are mostly willing to play lounge music. Overall, they have very strict music policies and are only accepting artists who follow their rules.  

Some hotels even organize pool parties. There you may have a chance to play some commercial pop and dance music. 
Hotels are luxurious and fashionable, so you need to match with them. Dress to impress! Also, you need to have a decent fanbase to have a chance to get their attention. However, they pay really well and often are willing to cooperate for long-term. 

Method 4: High-class parties & super-clubs
This is the highest level of DJing in Ibiza. Getting to perform at the parties of Ibiza’s elite society and at super-clubs next to Martin Garrix is something you need to work towards by continuously gigging in Ibiza for several seasons.

By the time you are on this level, you probably know this guide by heart yourself.

Choose one method and let’s get started!

Ibiza isn’t a small island. It has many cities which have their own clubs and bars which might suit you more in one place than another.

The main party towns for you to look up for are San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia, Figueretas and Talamanca.

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This guide + the “no expenses” trick will boost your DJing career to the next level!

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See you in Ibiza!