It’s not always easy to stand out. Especially when you are an amateur DJ. Getting some gigs here and there is somewhat amazing at first, but when you’re an ambitious person, this definitely won’t satisfy you for long.

If you are a DJ living in Lithuania or close to Lithuania  (hi, Baltics!) and looking for extra exposure to level up your DJing career - this article is for You!

As you have already started your journey to be among the best artists in Lithuania (for example), we’re introducing you to an organization that can help you on this trip.

Play4n4 in Lithuania

Play4n4 is a production studio that is gathering  a community of artists devoted to electronic dance music, art and culture. Their mission is to inspire!

Already interested? Let’s hear what they have to say about their doings and how they can assist You!

1. What is Play4n4 all about
Production studio is our first priority. It is equipped with audio recording, producing, DJ, film making, live broadcast hardware and software. Everything is built to develop ideas on the spot as easy and fast as possible. 

We are also covering different sections of services like mixing and mastering, artists management, club management, photography, event promotion & curation. You can also call us at night because we can provide technical support on the spot if there are any difficulties at an event. 

Our DJ school includes experienced artists who are willing to share their knowledge and teach the basics of music production, DJing and performance on the stage. Our social community has evolved to a platform online where you can register with a private invitation code which is created for each person individually. You can  join the discussions where musicians may give constructive feedback on your project, live performance, scenographic concept. Also new content and  upcoming offline & online events are shared within the community. 

We are also soon to be a music label. We already have scheduled releases from our community artists solo and Live Acts. Everything we do, we publish on our social media pages so you can follow us at any or all of them to be on track with the latest information, progress and projects we work on.
2. What is your main purpose?
We want to prove an idea of “all for one and one for all”. Play4n4 is a community of people who are passionate about music or any other shape of art so we are striving to create one working organism by gathering people with different skills and styles.

3. What kind of music do you promote?
Primary it’s house, techno  and electronic music.

However, we have an event series Studio Live which consists of cozy monthly concerts at our studio for  bands and solo acts - acoustic and electronic. It’s live-streamed to everyone on our YouTube channel. We believe that music is a universal language.

4. What requirements do you have for a DJ?
First of all, we would like to hear his/her music. The best way to do that is to send us your profile, track or even meet in person. 

We need to be sure that an artist meets our sound-groove-quality spectrum. If that comes into an issue, we still may have anyone else in our community who has something for you.

It’s worth a try!


Play4n4 is definitely something that could get you that extra exposure you need to take your career to the next level.

Contact them if this seems like a fit for you. Apply for gigs at their profile - introduce yourself and tell them you read that article (you need to have a profile to do that).

To get even more experience, make sure to APPLY for gigs with the venues on the Discover menu.

A photo from Play4v4's Sunday Sessions live