From vinyl to cassettes to CDs to mp3s to streaming, the music industry has seen some great waves of progress over time. Innovation towards easier access and better quality in the music industry has reached a stage where one doesn’t need to buy music anymore by using streaming apps like Spotify to access their favorite artists in a few seconds. 

Live performance used to be a necessary part of acoustic music. Now, we have YouTube for that. Things are changing rapidly and the only way to be successful in this industry is to go along with the changes. This article is about how technology is taking over the music industry, so you can get some insight on how to be prepared in future.

Listening to music via streaming services

Streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music and YouTube are having the greatest impact on how people are listening to music nowadays. No-one wants to buy albums anymore, these apps allow them to listen to music for free or pay a small monthly subscription fee to access a wide variety of albums.

If you want to share your music to your fans, you should definitely be available on a few of these platforms at least. I have three platform recommendations for you.

1. Soundcloud
Soundcloud is great for starting musicians to share mixes and recordings. It also enables your listeners to give you direct feedback on your tracks which is important for mastering your music production skills. 

2. YouTube
YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world, but you probably already know that. You can use this platform to share your live performances, mixes, recordings, even vlogs - video and audio, both are welcome there. 

3. Spotify
Spotify is the most professional streaming platform for artists as you can’t just put “everything” in there. If you are just starting out then this platform isn’t for you but if you feel like you have already mastered your production skills then it’s the best choice as you get paid per stream.

Social media presence is vital to reach your audience

Social media channels are the best way to reach your audience in the 21st century. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you need to grow your fanbase in there to share your content. Everything must be linked together - upload your track on Soundcloud and share it on Facebook for example to maximize your reach. I recommend you to start off with the two most popular social media channels.

1. Facebook
Facebook has 2.50 billion active users. This makes it the most popular social media channel. Having an artist Facebook page and marketing it efficiently can help you grow your fanbase drastically. Share your thoughts, doings and music in there to keep your followers updated.

2. Instagram
Instagram has grown from a niche photo-sharing platform to an important brand marketing platform. It’s a great way to get close with your fans by sharing photos from backstage, short teasers about your upcoming music, etc. Use Instagram Stories to create polls and update on your doings regularly to make your fanbase feel like you are their close friend.

Getting live performances offers has never been this easy

Before the age of the Internet, people had to secure their gigs by having a wide network of contacts or going to a venue to see if their program manager has some slots left for a starting artist.

Thanks to technological innovation, there are many ways to contact venues via social media or sending them an email inquiry about a performance request. However, this now is an old way to get gigs as well. Due to the information overflow, quality is getting more and more important, and that's why we want to encourage you to resort to the best platform for ensuring your inquiries get noticed by the venues.

1. took applying for gigs, getting gig offers and creating your musician’s portfolio to the very next level. 

First off, you create an artist profile-CV where you can link all your social media channels and streaming platforms at one place. This allows your fans to find all your content at one place.

To score gigs, you can apply for gigs at all the venues the platform has on the Discover page and get gig notifications and private requests from event organizers in Europe and soon the United States.
Innovation in the music industry

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