Getting your first gig as a starting musician can be one of the most difficult tasks with this career path. But it’s normal even for established bands to struggle from finding gigs at some point.

When it gets to the moment where you start googling “how to find band gigs near me”, it’s definitely time to learn some new tricks. 

This guide is meant to enlighten you with tips that might help you secure your band your next gig...

If you are a starting band, do not dive into gigging right away - practice first!

Doing music with some guys you know is not always enough. It may be cool to jam in the garage and drink beer but when it comes to public display, you need to practice. A lot.

Besides all the technical capabilities of your band, it has to have show elements. Body language, talking with the crowd, etc. For that, you and your bandmates need confidence

I’m talking about some special signature moves you want to develop to show that chemistry you have with your band members on the stage. Master it before going gigging.

Your band needs to have a following to get gigs

Having a great appearance on social media doesn’t hurt either. Create your own Facebook page, Instagram account and include them in your profile to start growing your own fan base. Furthermore, profile helps you to handle your bookings professionally which instantly makes venues take you more seriously.

After building up your social media channels and getting your first “likes”, you need to constantly provide your fans recordings which make them want to see you at a live performance. Therefore, live performance gets you more fans and so on.

A song is worth a thousand pictures

OK, you have a growing fan base including all your friends and families. But getting back to the roots is music - you need to have a decent musical portfolio to appeal for venues.

They need to check your sound and style if you fit with their regular customers.

Don’t try to impress everyone by playing all kinds of different genres - be specific. You may have lesser options of venues because of that but the probability of getting a partner is higher.

The most popular platforms for including your portfolio are Soundcloud and Youtube. Upload all your good stuff there. profile enables you to connect these accounts as well so you have all the portfolio in one place.

Your online presence matters!

Networking is the key

If you have connections from other bands, don’t hesitate to ask them about their partners. Maybe some of them are keen on giving out a word of your band to some venue they are working with.

Contacting directly with the venue itself is simple but it’s harder to get a positive answer if you don’t have credibility.

Be an active member of the community

Whether you are going to perform or not, you have to constantly “be around”. 

The community of musicians sticks together. If you see some new band performing somewhere, go and check it out and they might lead you up to some new connections. Always be helpful for the others as they will remember it and might return the favor some day.

Sharing is caring after all.

Boost your fan base and get credibility with band competitions

There are always some competitions for bands and other musicians around. Keep an eye out on social media posts, posters and ask for other band members.

It may be a great way to step out of the shadow and boost your credibility and fan base.

Use an online platform for gig-seeking artists

It’s always tough to get new partners and gigs if you are just starting out or coming back from a break but there is a simple way to get some extra credibility for your band and reach for new partners.

Get gigs 101 is the perfect tool for bands looking for gigs nearby for starters. All you have to do is sign up for the Resident plan which is just 9€ per month and you are good to go.

  • Create your own artist-CV which includes all your social media and musical portfolio.
  • Get gig requests and apply for gigs close to you.
  • Go and put down a great performance.

Sign up now and do it.