Hosting an event is not a simple task, especially when it comes to finding musicians near you. The search can get pretty overwhelming when there is no time to spear. So let’s get right into it: how to host like a pro and hire the best local musicians out there?  

Finding Musicians Online

The easiest and most convenient way for finding anything in 2020, is obviously to search it up online. So it is with musicians. With plenty of applications/apps/websites out there, here are our top recommendations:

1. Musicians.Agency
First and foremost, Musicians.Agency, that was created just for that matter, brings together hosts and musicians, concerts and bands, clubs and DJ-s, music lovers and music makers if you will. Musicians.Agency, being super easy to use, doesn’t need much explanation. Request lets you send out an offer to multiple artists at the same time. You only need to fill out the form and press  “send”. So easy and fast! 

2. Facebook
All mighty facebook can offer plenty of groups dedicated to musicians, job offers, or job offers for musicians. Even shooting your shot in your general Facebook feed, that is seen by your Facebook friends can help you find a musician, but it is definitely more time consuming and less convenient, than using Musicians.Agency.

3. Craigslist
Used mostly in North-America, Craigslist offers an opportunity to enter your ads and queries and wait for a response. Although your listing remains active for 30 days in Craigslist, you still need to repost every couple of days to have a chance of getting seen. Musicians.Agency on the other hand lets you send emails straight to the artists, no extra time spent on reposting. 

4. Reddit
Reddit is almost like a European version of Craigslist. With combined entertainment, news, and social networking, Reddit gives you a good platform for searching for a musician. Simply register, add your request and wait for your match to respond.

(Although Craigslist and Reddit are less commonly used by younger generations in 2020, they still offer a chance that is worth taking).

Finding Musicians in “Real Life”

There are some amazing people out there, who are not into online activities and would much rather have possibilities come to them in real life. Although this “organic” way of finding musicians can require higher initial investments.

1. Ask friends
The very first thing to try, when looking for musicians in real life, is asking your friends as you can never know about their hidden talents. In case none of your friends is musically inclined, ask if they know anyone who can hold a tune or an instrument. Chances are pretty high, that at least someone knows someone who knows someone. 

2. Newspaper ads and posters
Yes, in fact, newspapers still have ads sections and notices are still hung up on walls. Newspapers can have a small price for entering an add and making a poster can be even more pricey. Yet, this is a good way when looking for more elderly musicians.

P.S. When thinking of spots where to hang up your notices, think of music-related places, where musicians can be spotted, like music stores, rehearsal rooms, music schools, etc. 

3. Open mic and Jam sessions
You don’t have to go on the stage. Enjoy yourself and stroll around, talk with people and soon enough you’ll encounter a musician who is looking for an exact opportunity that you’re offering.

4. Rehearsal rooms
Rehearsal space is where local musicians come together to do what they do best- make music. Rehearsal rooms often have a notice wall for posting ads, offers, and other music-related things. Don’t hesitate to also walk up to someone in there- they can be who you’re looking for or at least spread the word.

5. Ask your music teacher
It’s never a bad idea to reach out to your favorite teacher. They will certainly be very happy to help you out. A music teacher can recommend a student or know someone, who could be interested. It would also just be nice to catch up with your teacher after a long time anyway. 

All in all, your method of choice can be determined by how much time you have for finding a musician, what’s your budget and what tools you’re working with. You can go the easy way or the hard way, but remember what they say: work smarter, not harder. Musicians.Agency has created a FREE tool for you to find a perfect MUSICIAN right now, from where you are. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!