What is the meaning behind I AM?

I AM are two of the most powerful words in the whole universe. It’s not about ego. It’s about who you believe you are. What we say and believe about ourselves, that will manifest into our reality. So I AM is about believing in yourself. It’s about being the truest self. So in music, it will be heard through purity. The artist on the stage will be true to you. Real self. That’s why you only meet extraordinary artists on the I AM stage. Because we all are different. That makes us us.

When and where is the next event going to take place?

The next event will take place on the 25th of October at Sveta Baar, Tallinn. Nice and cozy place, right in the middle. I’m sure it’s gonna be an amazing night, filled with positive vibes.

Who is going to take the stage?

The stage will be taken by house and techno music. So home support is gonna’ be: Harmless Fun, Ajukaja, Kevin Park, Armukahur, Optimus Fine, Lona M1za, Fok Yee. A lot of great names. But the main artist will be coming from the USA, New York. His name is Galcher Lustwerk.

Why should people come and listen to Galcher Lustwerk?

He is simply going to blow your mind. I’ve been listening to his music for five years, he knows how to create the vibe. He’s the master in it. His sounds and lyrics will take you to the next level and that level is complete. He completes the moment, simply by being who he is. He is real.

How can fellow DJs be a part of I AM?

Just come and listen. Master yourself to being in the moment, cuz all the best ideas start from here. Let’s all be in the place. If you are interested in collaborating with I AM, apply for gigs.