Yes, we know… Corona outbreak and #stayathome might scare you away from even thinking about going gigging as a musician anywhere anytime soon. But… Times change and this, shall too, pass. In this current situation, it’s important to not freeze like a fainting goat when it encounters a wolf, and start preparing for the future instead.
Fainting goat
Have you heard that top investors buy when “it’s low” and sell when “it’s high”? Currently, the stock market is hitting new lows and we are probably entering a new economic crisis. And if you googled “how to prepare for the economic crisis and come out on top”, you’d get recommendations about buying the underpriced stocks. Informed people take action and benefit from these types of events.

In this article, let’s talk about how you, as a musician, should prepare for the future by taking the right action during this gigging-crisis caused by the coronavirus. We’re gonna talk about how to stay in the business during the outbreak and how to come out on top by preparing for the next season. Yes, you should too emulate being a smart investor and we have some information that can help.

Internet = stage

First things first, gigging is probably off-limits for now. This might stay so for a month or two. Surely, bad news for musicians, right? Well, not quite. What you CAN do during this time is hone your skills! Work on a new album, try new things! Upload your productions to various platforms and build up your portfolio on your profile. Get an edge for the times when your CV matters again – when people will start requesting musicians to perform at their events again. Furthermore, you should go LIVE on various platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. People are self-quarantined and spend a lot of time behind screens. Grab that attention!


It’s networking time

Talking about grabbing attention, now is actually a very good time to grab the attention of VENUES by initiating contact and building a contacts network for getting gigs when the virus stops spreading. Surely, not many musicians think of that and rather keep to themselves, not talking about gigging. But you should! Program managers have so much attention to spend right now because so little is going on. Now is the time to maximize your chances of getting on the list of potential performers at multiple venues. We have over 120 verified-to-hire venues waiting for your applications via the platform.

So, how exactly should you go about this? Well, we have come up and developed the best practices for applying for gigs at venues by building the platform. First and foremost, start by signing up for the President plan – this comes, along with other things, with the most gig applications possible per month. This is very important right now as you want to maximize your network of venues thinking about you. What is also worth mentioning is that because of the recent update launch, we have quite literally the best price for the plan right now. Check it out here and start taking action.

President plan

Be more like Action Man

Taking action always beats doing nothing. Even though currently, we are living in a period where doing nothing is praised to stop the outbreak. Sure, in some terms. But that does not apply to preparing for the new season. Most will only start taking action when everything has returned to normal again, but the smarter and faster ones are already benefiting from the current situation. Somewhere, always, riches are made during hard times and this is your chance. Don’t miss it!
You, too, can be a hero!

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