Historians need to write new and updated history books because there’s been a major breakthrough in music history – repArtist made a new version of the platform which is going to change everything.

The new platform gives you many new possibilities to discover and we fixed many bugs you helped us to find. There will be a constant flow of updates and if you have any requests about changing the site, let us know. We’re here for you, we want you to succeed!

Team repArtist has shared many thoughts about the main priorities of the platform. At first, we thought about only connecting the artists with event organizers. Now, we made connecting artists and organizers more effective – “Artists” tab is where you can discover all the talents we have on our site, on “Events” tab you can see all the events coming up which are arranged by the organizers and artists can apply for these events as well as organizers can invite artists to their events.

If a public event is created by an organizer, all the artists of our platform can apply for it and the organizer can review the applications and see who fits the best. If an organizer creates a private event then it’s up to the organizer to invite the artist or artists to their event. To keep it all organized for our users, we updated the “Applications” tab where one can check all their applications and artists see if they got the job they applied to and organizers can accept or deny the artists for their events.

RepArtist profile is the new standard for professional artist CV.

Photo by Mark Drõgin

To keep our users informed and entertained about the music industry, we’re introducing you repA news. You get all the exclusive interviews with the artists, previews and reviews of the events and much more. We already had an interview with one of our amazing artists, make sure to check it out.

But there is much more. We’re not even halfway where we’re aiming at. Team repArtist just got it’s new office so now, we’re not just focusing on repArtist 100% but 200%. So hit us up if you want your event, club or brand promoted! We don’t sleep, we just work and repeat – you should too!