Lona M1za is an Estonian DJ who fell in love with underground music just one year ago. Her first emotional touch was some time ago when she was listening to techno and all of the sudden she was crying – it was so beautiful.

She had done many things before she found out that deejaying is the passion fruit for her. Aurora has practised in acting, dancing, she even was part of a rock band once but couldn’t imagine herself playing guitar riffs anymore. Techno is the best method to express herself – it has all the soul and warmth she needs.

The artist name Lona M1za came up thanks to her friend - it just sounded magical. Furthermore, she is running an event series called I AM which is oriented for the crowd to experience the same feelings as she does during her spiritual trips behind the DJ booth. I AM are the strongest words in the whole Universe and she’s aiming to make her listeners to gain confidence by believing themselves.

Every artist has influencers or idols who they admire and get inspired by in the first place. Lona told us that she’s really thankful for all the support she’s got from her friends and family. Special thanks went to her friend Veiko Kikas because he’s been a mentor for her a few months now.

So far, the greatest breakthrough Lona thinks she has had in her deejaying career was a few days ago. She recorded a set which is not yet published and all of the sudden it felt like she was playing music she has always dreamed of playing. It was a bit of a frightening experience because the things’ve been going really fast for her. Furthermore, a few days ago Lona had an opportunity to play hi-tech (psytrance) in Latvia. It was the first time for her to leave her home country to play for the foreign crowd.

Her main priorities are to touch as many hearts as possible with her music and I AM event series. Aurora said that she’s also having some thoughts about producing her own music but this is not a near future plan.

There is a cool music event coming up which is a secret even for us. It goes by the name PERC. Keep your eyes open!