The life of a musician seems easier than it actually is. You only see the positive side in the media – the big concerts with the cheering fans. However, all these successful artists have made mistakes and learned from them again and again and again to get to where they are now.

However, many musicians have not learned from their mistakes and have given up after making some mistakes. This guide will inform you about the top 3 reasons why most musicians fail, so you can learn from these mistakes without making them yourself. Let’s start!

1. Not actively gigging

One of the biggest mistakes an artist can make is to hope that an organizer or a venue can “discover” you without you hustling for it. This is not true. If you are just starting out or you haven’t had any gigging experience, the chances of you getting a gig are low. Fortunately, platform is exactly solving this problem. Signing up, creating a professional profile-CV and applying for gigs is easier than ever.

2. Hoping that the fanbase will grow automatically

Your music might be top-notch but if nobody can find it, you will be dead in the water. Make sure that you promote your content actively. One can’t become famous without social media in today’s world. Have a social media presence full of content that represents you and your music to your followers!

3. Not producing your very own music

Your tracks need to be ahead of the trend curve, not just follow it. You are an artist - offer something new, something unique. Avoid using too many samples and acapellas. It gives your tracks a huge boost if you’re working with a talented singer. Original vocals give you much more commercial appeal. Many new producers use samples and acapellas over which they actually don’t have the legal rights. Make sure to avoid this pitfall!

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