Tell us about yourself.

Hey there! I’m Jorma Kask aka DJ Josif Toots and I’ve been actively DJing since 2017, playing at different festivals as well as making noise at clubs’ underground events. My main playground lays in psytrance, dark DnB and frenchcore. Music plays a significant part in my life, motivating and pushing me to go higher, deeper and crazier... Because who wouldn’t want to work in their own personal madhouse, making all of you feel ecstatic. I only do things that I enjoy to the core and that’s MY key to happiness.

Tell us about the events you organize.

In July 2018, I started a series of events called PSY Nation just to share the psy vibe with all of you. By now I have already organized 7 events in Pärnu, Tallinn and Järvakandi. Psytrance’s vibe is always positive, friendly and the greeting always starts with a hug and ends with a wide smile and joy - always! Alcohol is not necessary, that’s why we don’t really tolerate it. Thanks to that we never have to worry about bad arguments, shouting and all the other crap that alcohol brings. The most important thing is to keep the positive vibe going!

Check out the aftermovie of PSY Nation @ Kultuuriklubi Tempel 8.2.19 below

What is expected from artists applying for partnership?

All the fun, friendly and open to the crowd kind of DJs are welcomed to join the stage with me. The more you feel your own music, the better you transpose your energy to all the amazing souls who are on the dancefloor feeling it all with you. This is what makes a party based on all the feedback I’ve received with these years. So let’s keep THAT vibe going! We are not rooting for the DJs who are just standing behind the controller. Let your spirit play and enjoy the freedom from within! The preferred style is Progressive, Psytrance or full-on. Dark and further down that road kind of styles have to find another, more suitable ground for their selves so that they too, can enjoy their people the way we do here. It would be great if the DJs who are applying have some sort of a portfolio available on their profile.

When is your next event?

The next party for psy souls will be taking place on November 23rd @Tempel in Pärnu. Don’t miss your chance!


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