As you already may know, techno has more soul & warmth than the general opinion thinks. That is why we at repArtist recently celebrated this genre of music by organizing C O S M O S: The Journey of Tripping Spacemen. If you would like to meet and cooperate with like-minded people in Estonia, apply for partnership with one of the artist-organizers that performed at our event. She has also been a resident of repArtist platform since the beginning and we even wrote our first ever artist story about her! Big thanks from team repArtist and good luck in the future!

Tell us about yourself.

I am Aurora and I go by the artist name Lona M1za. I’ve been playing music for over two years now. Been in showbiz over 5 years, done different events and managed my own summer lounge that we created in Pärnu alongside my two good friends.

Author: Narella

Music is always been there for me, all my life and in very many different forms. Since kindergarten - I’ve been a singer for 7 years, a dancer for 14 years and besides that I’ve been playing guitar. Even had my own rock-band once. So I’ve been into rock music, rap, hip-hop, trap, classical music, house music and I still do listen a lot of different styles.

That said, music is pretty big part of my life. But techno is my biggest passion, it’s something ineffable. I never thought that I could find my way into that wonderland. Actually here I need to stop and thank Optimus Fine for it. Cuz he was the one who introduced the first real techno track to me.

Optimus: “Listen to that!” - lona listens - Lona: “Holy, what is that?” Optimus: “That’s techno.” And gives her a little smile.

After that, underground music started to come to me more and more and I fell for it. A big influence was Australia, I lived there for 6 months, in Melbourne where is located Australia’s most respected nightclub, called Revs (Revolver Upstairs).

Music is everything. So that’s why I’m behind the decks, to give my listeners a chance to feel what I feel. From my heart.

Tells us about the events you organize.

I AM is here to give every soul a chance to hear techno in it’s real shine. It’s a fairytale, that has honest and sincere reason to be here. I AM is a series of techno music events, which also includes drum N bass / house or other music genres. I AM ain’t just a party, it is a quality and purity of the world that’s been known as underground.

Sometimes I have yoga and sound therapy at my events too, techno is for body and mind, but we got to remember to breathe correctly, so yoga is there to give you a little more, so you could power up and dance free.

I AM builds a power to believe in yourself. It’s something where reality and illusion meets, in what you believe- is what will be left - the ultimate reality. I AM actually just turned 1 years old, on 27th of April.

What is expected from artists applying for partnership?

There’s only one thing that matters to me the most. It has to come from the pure heart, it has to be your best self. It’s not about fame or money, it’s about your soul and a good-hearted wish to let the ppl hear what you hear. To be in the present.

Optimus Fine

When is your next event?

For this time I AM is co-operating with HDN, so there’s going to be an unique event at the Estonia’s biggest technoclub HALL this weekend, on the 18th of May. Event is called HDN - Future Circular Collider Promotion Party, so it takes ppl to CERN.

HDN (hidden) is founded and owned by artist named Optimus Fine. It’s hidden so there’s not really much to say. You got to see it yourself, but first you gotta’ hide urself.

HDN is the light in the shadow, as I AM is self-belief in the daylight.

If you would like to spread awareness about techno, house or drum & bass vibrations in Estonia, apply for gigs at I AM!