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Get Gig Offers while Doing Nothing in 2020

It may seem like most of the successful artists don’t have to make any effort to get new gigs, right? It’s true. They have managers or agencies who handle their gigging schedule.

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Be Above Competition as an Amateur Musician

Who is an amateur musician? According to the definition, an amateur is someone who is doing an activity for the fun of it. Not for personal gain. That means an amateur musician is someone who creates music just for pleasure.

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Easy Way to Get Gigs as a DJ

Before you start approaching clubs, bars and pubs to get gigs, you have to be able to provide some value! As an amateur DJ, you want to keep the flag of your fellow amateur artists high by being able to put on a show.

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Starting A Music Career In 2020

Thinking about becoming a musician? Starting out as a musician, getting gigs and making it big can be tricky, to say the least.

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How to Get Your First DJ Gig in 2020

So you’ve bought your first DJ set and started practicing. Maybe did a gig or two to your friends at a small house party? And now you’re thinking about performing at bars, pubs, clubs, and festivals.

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It's your time to shine

If you are seeking to progress in your music career then sign up and get ready to perform.