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Get a DJ Gig in Ibiza

Ibiza is THE most popular destination for electronic dance music in the world. This Spanish island has a nightlife many DJs dream to take part in. From wild boat parties and after-hour club events to luxurious pool parties.

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Get a Gig in Amsterdam as a DJ

Most of the DJs have a dream of becoming the next Martin Garrix or Tiesto. This sort of lifestyle seems to be full of joy, fame, and respect. However, it’s not as simple as it seems...

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How to Get Your First DJ Gig in 2020

So you’ve bought your first DJ set and started practicing. Maybe did a gig or two to your friends at a small house party? And now you’re thinking about performing at bars, pubs, clubs, and festivals.

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It's your time to shine

If you are seeking to progress in your music career then sign up and get ready to perform.