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Get Gig Offers while Doing Nothing in 2020

It may seem like most of the successful artists don’t have to make any effort to get new gigs, right? It’s true. They have managers or agencies who handle their gigging schedule.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Most Musicians Fail

The life of a musician seems easier than it actually is. You only see the positive side in the media – the big concerts with the cheering fans. However, all these successful artists have made mistakes and learned from them again and again.

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How to Find Band Gigs Near Me?

Getting your first gig as a starting musician can be one of the most difficult tasks with this career path. But it’s normal even for established bands to struggle from finding gigs at some point.

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Get a DJ Gig in Ibiza

Ibiza is THE most popular destination for electronic dance music in the world. This Spanish island has a nightlife many DJs dream to take part in. From wild boat parties and after-hour club events to luxurious pool parties.

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Get a Gig in Amsterdam as a DJ

Most of the DJs have a dream of becoming the next Martin Garrix or Tiesto. This sort of lifestyle seems to be full of joy, fame, and respect. However, it’s not as simple as it seems...

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It's your time to shine

If you are seeking to progress in your music career then sign up and get ready to perform.