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If you are an ambitious artist and want to succeed in your music career, then musicians.agency is definitely for you. Our bread and butter is connecting gig-seeking musicians with event organizers so if you want a taste of that pie, join the bakery!

As an all-in-one platform, we offer various functionalities for getting gigs. Most notoriously, organizers can efficiently request to find the most suitable artists for their events from which you can obviously benefit. Secondly, you can always take the initiative and apply for gigs yourself!

As we have a growing database of verified venues, applying for gigs professionally through musicians.agency ensures your requests don’t get overlooked. And not only that. We also guide you through the whole process to maximize the probability of getting a 'yes'.

Musicians.agency is a modernized version of a status quo agency where the artists manage themselves with ease. Unlike regular agencies, everybody can join musicians.agency. And forget about the 15% commission fees – all the money you make with us is yours to keep.

Musicians.agency will still benefit you by expanding your network of event organizers and giving you different gig opportunities from your regulars. Perhaps you are planning to travel and play at venues while you're at it? You can easily pull off a tour with musicians.agency!

Ultimately, it is up to the organizers. We at musicians.agency do our best to present a dedicated platform for connecting musicians with organizers and venues all over Europe, but to be attractive is subjective and between you and the artist seekers.

If you’re serious about making it in the music industry, we recommend the President plan. You’ll get all of our best features developed for the sole purpose of helping you progress in your career. For yearly access to all of the best features, it’s a bargain really.

With the top priority listing, your profile will always be positioned at the top of the Discover page, above all of the Pioneer and Resident users. That way you will get a ton of more exposure to possible clients.

As an artist, you should always be promoting yourself. Use the profile slug business cards when connecting with potential clients to impress them with your professionalism.

When event organizers use the ‘Request’ feature to find an artist, they set the criteria, and if it matches with what you’ve got to offer, you’ll get notified. Then, if you’re interested and respond to it fast enough, chances are the gig is yours!

Simply use the Discover page to find the venues that you’d be interested in playing at and press “Apply for gigs”. Then, fill out the necessary details about your value proposition for the venue to get a better understanding of your abilities and cost.

If you’re just looking for a couple of extra gigs during a short period of time with no big plans for developing a music career, the Resident plan is for you. No strings attached, cancel any time.

Yes! Pioneer plan is meant to be used to try out some of the features of paid plans. You get to open one gig notification and you get one chance to apply for gigs for free. This will give you an idea of how musicians.agency can help you progress in your career.

When people want to specifically send You an offer they can do so by just going to your profile and sending you a private request. Receiving private requests is free.

No one can see your email address publicly. All the messages will be sent through musicians.agency.

Go to ‘my account’, choose a profile and select 'Membership'. There you have access to stop the subscription by selecting a Pioneer plan once again.

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