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If you’re an ambitious artist and want to succeed in your music career, then Musicians.Agency is definitely for you. Our platform is created specifically with your needs in mind and every function here is made, tested, and perfected to offer you maximum support on your journey. Our bread and butter is connecting gig-seeking musicians with event organizers so if you want a taste of that pie, join the bakery!

Yes! No credit card required! The Pioneer plan enables you to create a CV profile, receive private requests from event organizers scrolling through the Discover page, and receive Matchmaker previews. When you get a Matchmaker preview, you are just one step away from landing a gig. If you decide to upgrade your membership, you will immediately unlock the contact information of the venue manager that is interested in your expertise.

As an all-in-one platform, we offer various functionalities for getting gigs. By working together with venue managers, we gather information about their needs and push this information to the musicians on our platform via the Matchmaker page – effectively presenting gig opportunities, regularly and in great quantities. Furthermore, you can always take the initiative and request work from one of our verified venues. Requesting work through our platform ensures that your reach-outs don’t get overlooked.

Musicians.Agency is a modernized version of a status quo agency where only established professionals are welcome. Everybody can join our platform and have gig opportunities presented on a regular basis. Also, forget about the 15% commission fees that regular agencies enforce – all the money you make with us is yours to keep.

Musicians.Agency will benefit you by expanding your network of event organizers and giving you different gig opportunities from your regulars. Perhaps you are planning to travel and play at venues while you're at it? As a President, you can easily pull off a tour with Musicians.Agency by requesting work from our partners!

Ultimately, it’s up to the organizers. We at Musicians.Agency do our best to present a dedicated platform for connecting musicians with organizers and venues all over the world, but to be attractive is subjective and between you and the artist seekers.

If you’re serious about making it in the music industry, we recommend the President plan. You’ll get all of our best features developed for the sole purpose of helping you progress in your career. For yearly access to all of the best features, it’s a bargain really.

If you’re just looking for a couple of extra gigs during a short period of time, the Resident plan is for you. This enables you to respond to Matchmaker requests and it also highlights you in the Discover page for the event organizers to see. As a monthly subscription, there are no strings attached and you can cancel any time.

Our partnership managers work together with venue managers to gather information about their needs. This information is used at the Matchmaker page to send out requests to our musicians who can then respond and hopefully form new long-lasting partnerships with these venues – become their Residents. Of course, the Matchmaker page is open for all other types of event organizers as well.

With the top priority listing, your profile will always be positioned at the top of the Discover page, above all of the Pioneer users. That way you will get a ton of more exposure to possible clients.

As an artist, you should always be promoting yourself. Use the profile slug business cards when connecting with potential clients to impress them with your professionalism.

As a President member, you can Discover venues that you’d be interested in playing at and reach out to them professionally by filling out a form about your value proposition. This will give the venue a better understanding of your abilities and cost. Then, wait for a confirmation from their part and proceed to give them a hell-of-a show!

When the event organizers scroll through the Discover page and find your profile so awesome that they want You to perform at their event, they can do so by just sending you a private request. Receiving private requests is free – you’ve earned it!

No one can see your email address publicly. All the messages will be sent through Musicians.Agency.

Go to 'my account', choose a profile, and select 'Membership'. There you have access to stop the subscription by selecting a Pioneer plan once again.

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